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Welcome to Trilos.es, a webpage exclusively specialized in trilobites, a class of well-known arthropods and possibly the second most famous fossil group after the dinosaurs. Here we will show you our collection , a large representation of these fossils in high quality presentations, treated with great care and kept in excellent condition.

Apart from enjoying the sight of these treasures of prehistory, we offer you the possibility to buy some specimens in our online store, where you can find a file for each product with the characteristics of each trilobite to make a proper purchase based on your tastes and needs.

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Trilobite of the Week

Krattaspis paraspinosis

Formation: wolchow river, St Petersburg region.

Age: Ordovician.

Size: 3.8 cms.


Very rare trilobite from the Ordovician of St. Petersburg, the specie Krattaspis paraspinosis (Hanson 2010) has been recently described, the cleaning work has been excellent, also you can see the hipostoma. A very espectacular trilobite.

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