Plaesiacomia oehlerti

Formation: Cácemes de la Serra do Buçaco. Age: Ordovician. Age: 0.9 cms Comments: The specie Plaesiacomia oehlereti is very rare to found, this is the normal size for the specie, a rarity from the Ordovician of Portugal.

Ogyginus forteyi

Formation: Valongo de la "Pedreira do Valério", Canelas. Age: Ordovician. Size: 48 cms. Comments: It is one of the species of trilobites who has the phenomenon of the Gigantism of Valongo area, the glabella has a very  large size. In this Ogyginus forteyi you can see piritization for all the fossil, a very espectacular piece [...]

Pateraspis mediterranea

Formation: Valongo. Age: Ordovician. Size: 26 cms. Comments: This Pateraspis mediterranea has a really big size, stands out the cephalon for its size and definition, the fossil has piritized areas. A very good piece.

Hungioides bohemicus arouquensis

Formation: Valongo "Pedreira do Valério" Canelas Age: Ordovician Size: 40 cms Comments: The Hungioides bohemicus arouquensis is a very rare trilobite , the form of the pigidium, is the most spectacular part of the trilobite, with the four pleural spines. It has a very big size as some species  of the famous formation, in this area [...]

Eoharpes maçaoensis

Formation: Maçao Age: Ordovician Size: 2 cms. Comentarios: Rare trilobite from the Maçao Formation, as you can see it has a big preglabellar ring with little holes as it´s normal in the Harpetidae trilobites, what is not so common is to see it so clear as in this one.This Eoharpes maçaoensis has the positive and the negative.For [...]

Selenopeltis gallica

Formation: Valongo Age: Ordovician Size: width 5.5 cms, long 5 cms Comments: Selenopeltis gallica is an spectacular odontopleurid from the Ordovician of Portugal, the fossil has many spines in all the body.There are some theories saying that probably make it´s life on the floor, and use the spines for don´t getting too deep in the [...]