Krattaspis paraspinosis

Formation: wolchow river, St Petersburg region. Age: Ordovician. Size: 3.8 cms. Comments: Very rare trilobite from the Ordovician of St. Petersburg, the specie Krattaspis paraspinosis (Hanson 2010) has been recently described, the cleaning work has been excellent, also you can see the hipostoma. A very espectacular trilobite.

Metopolichas platyrhinus

Formation: St. Petersburg Age: Ordovician. Size: 7.7cms Comments: This trilobite has an identifying feature very special, its long "nose", Metopolichs platyrhinus is a very rare lichid. In the Ordovician of St. Petersburg have been described seven species of Metopolichas.

Bergeroniellus asiaticus

Formation: Sinsk Formation, Lena River, Yakutia, Siberia Age: Cambrian. Size: 4 cms. Comments: The specie Bergeroniellus asiaticus is a member of the Sinsk formation,  some of the trilobites of Siberia can mesure more than 10 cms. A negative of the same species can be appreciated in the matrix.

Stygina lata

Formation: Volchov River, St Petersburg. Age: Ordovician. Size: 2.8 cms long x 2.4 cms width. Comments: This beautiful trilobite, has the distinction of being almost round, very rare thing in the trilobites, Stygina lata is a uncommon specie from the Ordovician of St. Petersburg.  

Pseudosphaerexochus pahnschi

Formation: St Petersburg region Age: Ordovician Size: 2 cms Comentarios: Very rare trilobite, the specie Pseudosphaerexochus pahnschi, despite it´s small size, it´s a very spectacular trilobite. The cleanning work is excellent, and very difficult to do because of the size and the big number of spines in flying possition.

Metopolichas erici

Formation: Wolchow river, St Petersburg Age: Ordovícico Size: 6 cms Comments: Fantastic Lichid,the most notable feature of this trilobite is the "shark-like" cephalon, the Metopolichas erici is rare to find, as the other members of the Metopolichas species from the Ordovician of St. Petersburg region.The fossil has an excellent conservation, and the cleaning process has a [...]