American trilobites

>American trilobites

Olenoides nevadensis

Formation: Marjum Formation, Millard County, Utah. Age: Cambrian. Size: 7.5 cms. Comments: Beautiful specimen of Olenoides nevadensis, due to the process of fossilization, has the distinction of having two colors in the same trilobite. You can easy see the axial and occipital spines, it has a good size for the species.

Nanillaenus americanus

Formation: Walcott-Rust, New York. Age: Ordovician. Size: 2.7 cms Comments: Scarce trilobite of this famous formation, the size is normal for the species Nanillaenus americanus, as you can see it has a large and robust cefalon, compared with the rest of the trilobite. Exemplary in very good state of conservation of this rare species.

Hemirhodon amplipyge

Formation: Marjum Formation, Utah. Age: Cambrian. Size: 10.5 cms. Comments: The species Hemirhodon amplipyge are trilobites which has a good size, this one is larger than the average. In this species in particular, it´s not easy to find them with the cefalon complete, in many cases  the area of the librigena is missing.This one is [...]

Maurotarion axitiosum

Formation: Bois d´Arc Formation, Clarita, Oklahoma Age: Devonian. Size: 1.2, 1.2, 1.1, 0.7 cms Comments: This trilobite group comes from the Bois d´Arc Formation, not as famous as the Haragan Formation, but also can find very nice ones.The size of the trilobites, is normal for this specie. It is rare to find a plate with [...]

Hesslerides bufo

Formation: Edwardsville Formation, Crawfordsville, Indiana. Age: Carboniferous. Size:3.2 cms. Comments: One of the last species of trilobites that populated the Earth, this formation, is also very famous for the crinoids encountered therein.Hesslerides bufo is a specie that is very difficult to find complete, often only found parts of the trilobite.

Marjumia typa

Formation: Marjum Formation, Utah Age: Cambrian. Size: 6 cms. Comments: Beautiful trilobite from the Marjum Formation ,the trilobite Marjumia typa takes the name from the formation, famous for the big number of Olenoides and other species that you can found in it. The cleanning proces has very good quality, and you can see the fossil in [...]

Olenoides superbus

Formation: Marjum formation, Utah Age: Cambrian Size:11cms Comments: Walcott give the correct name to this specie, is really "superbus", the cleaning work, with the "flying spines" is incredible, they clean, even under every spine, as you can see in the pictures. The fossil has a very good size for the specie.Olenoides are some of the [...]

Bristolia fragilis

Formation: Emigrant Pass, Carrara Formation California Age: Cambrian Size: 6 cms Comments: In this Bristolia fragilis you can see the long spine in the pygidium(3.4 cms), that measures a little more than the body(2.6 cms). In this formation of the Cambrian you can also find good examples of Olenellus, and Peachella iddingsi.

Paranephrolenellus klondikensis

Formation: Pioche Formation, Nevada Age: Cambrian Size: 3 cms Comments: I just see a few of complete Paranephrolenellus klondikensis, the fosil is in excelent condition, and has a good size.The cleaning proces was very good.A rare trilobite.

Bristolia bristolensis

Formation: Pioche Shale, Nevada Age: Cambrian Size: 5.5cms Comments: This beautiful Bristolia bristolensis is complete with all the spines, as all the Bristolias,  it´s very appreciated specie for the collectors and rare to found with the five spines.A very atractive Redlichiid.

Acanthopyge consanguinea

Formation: Bois d´Arc formation Age: Devonian Size: 1.8 cms Comments: The specie Acanthopyge consanguinea is a rare líchid from this famous formation, the size of the fossil, seems small, but is a good size for the specie.Beautiful trilobite.

Zacanthoides liddelli

Formation: Spence Shale, Miners Hollow,, Utah Age: Cambrian Size: 3 cms Comments: The Zacanthoides are very spectacular trilobites, in this Zacanthoides liddelli, as you can see in pictures is an spinose specimen, specially in the glabella area, it has a very high fosilitzation quality, as many of the trilobites from this formation.

Presbynileus ibexensis

Formation: Fillmore formation Utah USA Age: Ordovician Size: 4.8 cms Comments: The specie Presbynileus ibexensis is a rare Illaenid, it has a very good state of conservation, in many occasions is normal to find the trilobite enrolled. It has a very good size.  

Achatella achates

Formation: Rust formation,Trenton group NY Age: Ordovician Size: 2.7 cms Comments: Beautiful Achatella achates, this trilobite is from the classic Walcott-Rust formation.The complete examples are rare to find, in this trilobite is more often to find just the cephalon.In this fossil you can apreciate the long genal spines, and the eyes over the cephalon.

Olenoides abbotti

Formation: Wheeler Shale formation, Utah Age: Cambrian Size: 13 cms Comments: Big size and good quality trilobite, Olenoides abbotti is a rare specie in the Olenoides family, you can see the long spines that it has along the body, also, the cleanning process was excellent.

Peachella iddingsi

Formation: Echo Shale formation, California Age: Cambrian Size: 2.6cm - 3cm Comments: Excelent example of this rare specie, Peachella iddingsi is easy to distinguish by two protuberances that is next to the cephalon, the trilobite is complete, and has an excellent conservation.The size of the fossil, is the normal for the specie.