Ordovician trilobites

>Ordovician trilobites

Krattaspis paraspinosis

Formation: wolchow river, St Petersburg region. Age: Ordovician. Size: 3.8 cms. Comments: Very rare trilobite from the Ordovician of St. Petersburg, the specie Krattaspis paraspinosis (Hanson 2010) has been recently described, the cleaning work has been excellent, also you can see the hipostoma. A very espectacular trilobite.

Nanillaenus americanus

Formation: Walcott-Rust, New York. Age: Ordovician. Size: 2.7 cms Comments: Scarce trilobite of this famous formation, the size is normal for the species Nanillaenus americanus, as you can see it has a large and robust cefalon, compared with the rest of the trilobite. Exemplary in very good state of conservation of this rare species.

Ampyx sp.

Formation: Saint Chinian, Montaige noire. Age: Ordovician. Size: body 1.2 cms, all the trilobite 3.3 cms Comments: Good example of this famous formation, they are not as easy to found as their "brothers" from Morocco, in Morocco is not difficult to see the Ampyx in line with 5 or more trilobites, the theories says that [...]

Metopolichas platyrhinus

Formation: St. Petersburg Age: Ordovician. Size: 7.7cms Comments: This trilobite has an identifying feature very special, its long "nose", Metopolichs platyrhinus is a very rare lichid. In the Ordovician of St. Petersburg have been described seven species of Metopolichas.

Calyptaulax sp.

Formation: Verulam Formation, Simcoe County, Ontario. Age: Ordovician. Size: 2.3 cms Comments: Beautiful fossilization, with excellent detail of each part of the trilobite, the species Calyptaulax sp. is not very common, very good example of the Ordovician of Canada.

Paramegalaspis frequens

Formation: Saint Chinian, Montagne Noire. Age: Ordovician. Size: 3.3 cms. Comments: In the Paramegalaspis frequens specie, is not usual to found complete ones like this, it is an Asaphid of the lower Ordovician of the famous formation Montagne Noire.

Plaesiacomia oehlerti

Formation: Cácemes de la Serra do Buçaco. Age: Ordovician. Age: 0.9 cms Comments: The specie Plaesiacomia oehlereti is very rare to found, this is the normal size for the specie, a rarity from the Ordovician of Portugal.

Ogyginus forteyi

Formation: Valongo de la "Pedreira do Valério", Canelas. Age: Ordovician. Size: 48 cms. Comments: It is one of the species of trilobites who has the phenomenon of the Gigantism of Valongo area, the glabella has a very  large size. In this Ogyginus forteyi you can see piritization for all the fossil, a very espectacular piece [...]

Parapilekia olesnaensis

Formation: Dra Valley Age: Ordovician. Size: 22 cms. Comments: Large trilobite from the famous formation of the Dra Valley, the species Parapilekia olesnaensis is a rare trilobite, and very spectacular for its size and its long spines.

Pateraspis mediterranea

Formation: Valongo. Age: Ordovician. Size: 26 cms. Comments: This Pateraspis mediterranea has a really big size, stands out the cephalon for its size and definition, the fossil has piritized areas. A very good piece.

Stygina lata

Formation: Volchov River, St Petersburg. Age: Ordovician. Size: 2.8 cms long x 2.4 cms width. Comments: This beautiful trilobite, has the distinction of being almost round, very rare thing in the trilobites, Stygina lata is a uncommon specie from the Ordovician of St. Petersburg.  

Hungioides bohemicus arouquensis

Formation: Valongo "Pedreira do Valério" Canelas Age: Ordovician Size: 40 cms Comments: The Hungioides bohemicus arouquensis is a very rare trilobite , the form of the pigidium, is the most spectacular part of the trilobite, with the four pleural spines. It has a very big size as some species  of the famous formation, in this area [...]

Cyclopyge bohemica

Formation: Dobrotiva Formation. Age: Ordovician. Size: 1.2 cms Comments: This little Ptychopariid it´s complete example , it´s not a common trilobite, is normal to find it disarticulate, and you just can find peaces of the animal.The size of this Cyclopyge bohemica is the normal one for the specie.

Eoharpes maçaoensis

Formation: Maçao Age: Ordovician Size: 2 cms. Comentarios: Rare trilobite from the Maçao Formation, as you can see it has a big preglabellar ring with little holes as it´s normal in the Harpetidae trilobites, what is not so common is to see it so clear as in this one.This Eoharpes maçaoensis has the positive and the negative.For [...]

Selenopeltis gallica

Formation: Valongo Age: Ordovician Size: width 5.5 cms, long 5 cms Comments: Selenopeltis gallica is an spectacular odontopleurid from the Ordovician of Portugal, the fossil has many spines in all the body.There are some theories saying that probably make it´s life on the floor, and use the spines for don´t getting too deep in the [...]

Niobe fourneti

Formation: Cabrieres Age: Ordovician Size: The biggest 13 cms Comments: Very big Niobe fourneti,  positive and negative, there are three complete specimens and a part of another, rare Asaphid to find complete.

Pseudosphaerexochus pahnschi

Formation: St Petersburg region Age: Ordovician Size: 2 cms Comentarios: Very rare trilobite, the specie Pseudosphaerexochus pahnschi, despite it´s small size, it´s a very spectacular trilobite. The cleanning work is excellent, and very difficult to do because of the size and the big number of spines in flying possition.

Metopolichas erici

Formation: Wolchow river, St Petersburg Age: Ordovícico Size: 6 cms Comments: Fantastic Lichid,the most notable feature of this trilobite is the "shark-like" cephalon, the Metopolichas erici is rare to find, as the other members of the Metopolichas species from the Ordovician of St. Petersburg region.The fossil has an excellent conservation, and the cleaning process has a [...]

Presbynileus ibexensis

Formation: Fillmore formation Utah USA Age: Ordovician Size: 4.8 cms Comments: The specie Presbynileus ibexensis is a rare Illaenid, it has a very good state of conservation, in many occasions is normal to find the trilobite enrolled. It has a very good size.  

Achatella achates

Formation: Rust formation,Trenton group NY Age: Ordovician Size: 2.7 cms Comments: Beautiful Achatella achates, this trilobite is from the classic Walcott-Rust formation.The complete examples are rare to find, in this trilobite is more often to find just the cephalon.In this fossil you can apreciate the long genal spines, and the eyes over the cephalon.

Failleana indeterminata

Formation: Verulam formation, Ontario Age: Ordovician Size: 8.5cms Comments: Excelent Failleana indeterminata, difficult to found with this size and quality, beautiful Styginid from Canada.